Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Everything Happens for a Reason

Funny how things always come into place when you believe whole heartily in your inner voice. Whatever you may call that, your conscience, God, instinct, we all have it in us if we just take a moment to stop and listen. As I began this journey less than 2 weeks ago I was unsure of every single move I made. Was I saying too much? Was I saying to little? As the days went on and the support grew stronger, I realised that I had done the right thing. Not only for myself but for my immediate family and friends. I have always been the funny girl always making jokes. Underneath those jokes was a broken spirit a damaged soul that I never thought could be healed. Part of me was missing. I grew tired of not allowing the world to know how much more to me there is.
I began looking for references to place on my blog. I checked several sites and a few stood out. I even joined some online communities myself. I then came across a Non Profit Org. near to where I lived called . I added it to this blog and continued on with me day. For some reason I thought about that site all day long and decided to click on it right from my own blog. I called the number and the next day I went to my very first Childhood Sexual Abuse support group.
Tonight I felt so much fear in telling my story, writing it all down is much easier. Having to confront the shame and embarrassment was eating me up. although we all share similar experiences I still felt scared and uneasy.
While I sat there and listened to the others stories, I began to realize that we all have a face. It is not just one kind of person that suffers or a "type" we are all vulnerable to be subjected to man's inhumanity to man. If I had not created this blog, I would have never found this group. A place where I felt so liberated and not judged. A place of hope for me. In just one session with a group of survivors the vision I had for my future is brighter than I could have ever imagined it being.
If there is anyone out there reading this, do not be afraid, you are not alone, your story needs to be told. The world deserves to have you back 100%. Thank you everyone tonight for making these first steps so much easier!


  1. I'm proud of you Flav! Keep going. :-)


  2. Flavia, I'm so proud of you and I am truly honored to be a witness to your healing journey. You are beautiful inside and out and each and every day you will see more and more of your beauty shine through as you lift the veil of secrecy.

  3. Thank you so much Diane. Just going to group that first time made such a difference for me I can not imagine what It will be like for me a year from now!!!! I am so excited not to be alone and so scared anymore. THANK YOU so much for being my little angel in Disguise...

  4. everything does happens for a reason.whatever or whoever makes these things happens or whatever the reason is,who knows.
    we are in the age of healing....=)

  5. My Dear Mrs. Messina ;-)... You are so right on that one. I truly believe we are entering into a phase of cleansing this place. Not sure wha that holds in store for us but It sure does feel good to know that things are going to be better. I think we have the same brain, LOL...